Companies may find that the overhead to manage a self-owned team is significant and therefore require the outsourcing of Professional and consultancy services. Peoplelink’s Outsourcing service aims to assist your company in the following ways:


We maintain a number of specialist talent pools of professionals for contracting circumstances such as Secondment. It would per contract basis and clients may decide the required period as according to needs. During the secondment period, clients would have full control on the job assignments for the contractor.

With our contracting services, your organization could benefit and resolve any potential issues of cost control, administration, support overhead, head count and significant improvement on total cost of ownership (TCO).

PeopleLink is committed to understand the drivers of your business, swiftly respond to your requirements and always provide the best solutions to support your needs.

The future of work needs to be flexible, agile and highly skilled. Companies across all industries need to understand the benefits of having a blended workforce that includes permanent staff, professional contractors as well as freelancers.

We provide an end-to-end solution based on our client & request talent management requirements. The contract management process includes understanding the talent needs, sourcing for eligible gig workers, interviewing the shortlisted job applicants and as the contractor & request legal employer.

Our team of dedicated contracting specialists will ensure that your gig workers are well taken care of, so that you can focus on business impacting activities.

We are here to assist you in maintaining productive workforce levels during specialized projects, high volume workloads or seasonal demand - we recruit for monthly and annual contract employees.


Advantages of hiring contractors

1. Ability to adjust more quickly and easily to workload fluctuations


2. Ability to maintain staffing flexibility to achieve higher productivity and efficiencies


3. Opportunity to evaluate employee before committing


4. Increasing cost and time efficiencies

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