Our Team is made of HR veterans and advisors who are able to transform your HR department from an operational role into a business driving force through identifying and prioritizing primary and secondary areas of improvements with an aim to create company values, render impactful deliverables and contribute to sustainable business growth.


Our dedicated advisers are more than consultants. We roll up our sleeves;  we share enthusiastically; and we work hand-in-hand with in-house HR as well as all major stakeholders throughout the organisation to provide bespoke and idiosyncratic high-level strategies & directions, implement tailor made and individual HR programs with details in a pragmatic way, harness the limited resources to maximise the people outcomes cost effectively and efficiently ensued by periodic yet continuous assessments and reviews for macro and micro changes when required to suit the ever-changing business setting and organisational needs.  


We are experts to analyse & synthesize, integrate & disintegrate all facets of human resources to partner with your business, and manage & orchestrate the HR products to produce the best possible yet workable solutions.


In what way we are able to assist your company in elevating HR effectiveness

PeopleLink, together with your HR and business leadership team to prioritise the business strategies particularly the people side, plan for the short-term and long-term deliverables, and implement the people events based on what your organization needs and is able to achieve in a practical and manageable manner.  We offer our expertise and experience including but not limited to the following:

l   Develop human capital strategy model that meets your business short term goals and aligns with your business long term objectives and missions

l   Design, develop and implement HR programs in the form of quick fixes and far-reaching human capital strategies

l   Enhance and enrich your employee experience and satisfaction in order to foster a continued upgrade of staff retention and engagement

l   Create a talent acquisition & selection framework to position your organisation as a preferred choice of employer for the sake of attracting the top talents

l   Enhance people touch and interface with the organisation from onboarding to offboarding

l   Infuse human capital strategy & people programs into an indispensable part of the business

l   Assist in establishing or help refine the HR operations model to support company aims such as staff satisfaction & engagement and business growth & profit

l   Achieve human cost efficiency without negative impact on productivity and profitability


Provision of Human Capital Services


HR as Change Agent & Business Driver

In a dynamic world with ever changing business requirements, human capital priorities turn out to be pivotal amongst most business priorities. The foreseeable future of HR as a business partner demands fundamental but major shifts from an administrative role or task-based work to a substantial change in mind-set, roles, capabilities and digital enablers characterized by re-invention and re-creation at the core. Identifying the right Human Capital initiatives via gaining a thorough insight into the current state of HR with a solid HR proposal bed rocked by concrete deliverables with a clear timeline is one of our discerning strengths.


Organization Transformation

We act as an enabler to assist an organization in operating differently in support of the business strategy. Organisation transformation occurring inside an enterprise is typically realised in separate business units or at functional level in the form of changes in people behaviours, skill/knowledge capabilities and continuous learning and research abilities. We work side by side with HR and business representatives from the onset up till the end of the transformation project with an emphasis at end-users (leaders, managers, employees) needs and define a solutions-based delivery model that best suits them. The focus is on leveraging best practices, including an ideal HR structure and the implementation of state-of-the-art but rational technology solutions.


Workforce Enhancement

We deliver solutions to transform our clients’ workforces to achieve business success in this era of non-stop changing business environment and from time to time the unexpected disruptions. We are able to achieve end-to-end workforce lifecycle solutions that make work better for people and people better at work.


Human Capital Capability

We are capable of unlocking human potentials and create productive & adaptable organizations that are resilient to risks, fit for the future, and grounded in purpose. We help solidify the People programs you need to support the goals of your business. The result is a set of top-priority recommendations in key areas (performance management, succession planning, employee engagement and learning & development). From there we will help with People program full design, or refinement, implementation, development and continuous monitoring as well as reviews and after project fine-tuning.